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Go For a Swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's First Summer Update!

When watching the latest trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons' upcoming content update, try not to be too startled at the sight of the game's villager leaping straight into the ocean—you'll be seeing a lot of it when the first summer update launches for New Horizons on 3rd July. That's right, swimming and diving, just like in the 3DS iterations of Animal Crossing, will be coming to the Switch version too.


That's not all: in addition to a whole host of new marine life to catch while diving (which Blathers will be happy to take off your hands), there's also a new visitor, Pascal the otter; a new variation of washed-up Seagull, Guillver; and even more recipes to unlock and craft!

Nintendo isn't front-loading the summer with all of its Animal Crossing content; another summer update will release in "early August 2020". There's no telling what's going to be included or who's going to visit! This is promising to be an exciting summer for New Horizons fans.

Take a look at the trailer above, and look forward to 3rd July when summer update #1 releases free for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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