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Goat Simulator Developers Turn Publishers

The lunatic minds behind the Goat Simulator series, Coffee Stain Studios are moving beyond the developing scene to put their attention into publishing. They’ve introduced Coffee Stain Publishing and acting as partners with other upcoming developers, they’ll work alongside a select number of projects and get their games off the ground.

Their first partnered project is Huntdown, developed by Easy Trigger Games, a new company formed in 2016. Huntdown is a stylish pixel-art cyberpunk-ish platformer that sees you play as a hunter tasked with taking down the gangs that have overrun and rule the streets.

You can check out the GDC trailer above for a gameplay look.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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A bearded fellow whom spends most days gaming and looking at tech he can never afford. Has a keen eye for news and owns a dog that's a bear.

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