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Google Stadia’s Release Date Has Been Confirmed

After seven months since its announcement and an insistence on a 2019 release, Google’s upcoming videogame streaming service Stadia is finally releasing, and it’s coming soon. News comes in the way of an announcement from official Stadia sources in a convenient two minute video that gives viewers a rundown of how the service works, along with its features.

To get access to Google Stadia at launch, consumers will have to purchase the Founder’s Edition. This £119/$129 package includes a controller, Chromecast Ultra which allows buyers to play Stadia on their TV in upto a 4K resolution, three-months of a Stadia subscription along with a Buddy Pass which also gives a friend access to three-months, and access to games across all supported devices in early access.

Players can also pick up the Stadia Premiere Edition, which is essentially the same package only it includes a White controller as opposed to the Night Blue controller included in the Founder’s Edition. Both editions of Stadia come included with Destiny 2: The Collection, however additional titles will have to be purchased separately.

Google Stadia is set to release on 19th November at 9am PST/5pm BST/6pm CET.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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dominoid - 07:33pm, 20th October 2019

Can you hear that? It's the sound of millions of gamers not giving a shit. ;)

franjaff - 10:15pm, 20th October 2019 Author

It might be a miracle machine that works just as well as Google claim. I doubt it though. 

Livin in a box
Livin in a box - 09:16am, 21st October 2019

I don't see why it shouldn't but obviously it's heavily dependent on your connection. Problem is there's PlayStation Plus, xCloud now in testing, Geforce Now, even things like remote play and whatnot. Too much competition and it's got a high price just to get in.

djdawsonuk - 09:22am, 21st October 2019

Even higher, when you factor in that on top of the subscription - you still have to buy the games. And with Google's reputation for killing off products, they're going to need to have a way for you to take those games with you to another store front, should they decide to shelve Stadia.