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Green Man Gaming Announces A New Community Platform

Green Man Gaming, the e-commerce gaming store that got into trouble recently under accusations of facilitating the selling of stolen keys, has announced the launch of a new community platform, aptly named "Green Man Gaming Community BETA".

The creatively named effort offers in-depth game stats, the latest news, and the ability to connect with other gamers and watch popular Twitch streamers, all in one place. Chat functionality seems to be included via personal messaging and posts like those on Facebook walls, here titled "Buzz feed".  GMG claims "moderators from around the world and a dedicated Community Manager will ensure the buzz feed is a safe and lively place for all users".

Aside from seeing community’s game statistics and watching Twitch streams on it, gamers can also keep track of their own personal Steam library and get up to date stats on play time, completion rates and game achievements. The Green Man Gaming blog plans to provide curated content to the platform, whilst community activity updates will be shared through optional notifications and update emails.

Green Man Gaming Community is active now to anyone who's a member of GMG, and you're not, you just need to register for a free account. Existing Green Man Gaming and Playfire members will be able to log in with their current details and view their profile, game statistics and live chat with other players right away.

I'm not sure why we need a video for that, but it's on the header if you feel like watching it.

Marcello Perricone

Marcello Perricone

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Acelister - 12:04pm, 17th March 2017

Do they realise that "Buzzfeed" has negative connotations...? 

DCello - 12:19pm, 17th March 2017 Author

I doubt it. Not sure what they're trying to accomplish here.