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Harvest Moon: One World Coming to PlayStation 4

Harvest Moon: One World Coming to PlayStation 4

Switch owners can't have all the relaxed farming fun, can they? Animal Crossing may have taken the world by storm, but what about owners of non-Nintendo consoles; how will they get their idyllic farming fix? The answer is here in the form of Harvest Moon: One World. Originally announced exclusively for Switch, developer Natsume Inc. has confirmed that the game will now also be coming to PlayStation 4. Check out the newly unveiled box art below.


Releasing later this year, Harvest Moon: One World thrusts players into a world that has forgotten the ways of farming. No fruit, vegetables or crops of any kind; the world is slowly starving. Only players, armed with a book of long-forgotten farming secrets, stand a chance at restoring the world to its farming ways of old. On a grand adventure from their hometown and beyond they must embark, meeting folks, beating challenges and building up their farm from scratch. It's a monumental task, but there'll be more than enough time for relaxing along the way.

Harvest Moon: One World releases on PlayStation 4 and Switch later in 2020.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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