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Here's When Destiny 2's Raid Goes Live

Here's When Destiny 2's Raid Goes Live

The Destiny 2 hype train continues as Bungie have released a schedule for the first month of content drops. 

Arguably the most anticipated element of Destiny 2, the raid, will be going live 13th September and it's dubbed the Leviathan Raid. We have seen bits and pieces from trailers leading up to the game's release but Bungie have been careful to keep most details under wraps. You can expect to see plenty of 'world first' streams when the raid goes live. 

Besides that, the weekly update on 12th September sees the new Nightfall, The Inverted Spire go live along with the Nightfall guided beta starting as well. The week's flashpoint will take place on Nessus too, which is currently running on the EDZ. The end of the week is exciting too, as once again the exotic seller Xur returns and the Trials Of The Nine begin as well. The following weekly restart on 19th Sept sees the Nightfall set to Exodus Crash, along with the Flashpoint heading to IO. The following Friday the Trials of The Nine and Xur both return. 

090717 calendar

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the PC version releasing on 24th October.

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