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Hex: Shards of Fate TCG Patch Notes V0.9.6.049

Hex: Shards of Fate TCG Patch Notes V0.9.6.049

Now with more cards, better AI and fixed blocking, here are the patch notes for V0.9.6.049 to Hex: Shards of Fate.

The Dungeon Crawler buff now grants 2x gold in the Frost Ring Arena
Alternate Art cards have been added to the in-game store:
Sapper’s Charge, Murder, Repel, Burn, Buccaneer, and Survival of the Fittest
Tournament tickets now correctly display in the inventory stash
Resolved a timing issue that prevented players from properly reconnecting to a game in a tournament
Timers in game are now more responsive
Uruunaz’s AI has been slightly improved
Random bosses in the Frost Ring Arena no longer incorrectly award Uruunaz’s loot
Introduction Art in the Frost Ring Arena has been improved
Mercenaries now sort to the top of your equipment in all instances of the inventory stash
The extra, purely cosmetic, instance of a troop coming up from tunneling on the chain has been removed
Attacking troops now graphically move closer to their opponent
Royal Falconers pets now display correctly when a player reconnects

Highlands Shinobi no longer locks players in a targeting state when the last opposing troop is destroyed via crackling bolt, or crackling rot
Tiaanost no longer incorrectly locks the game if all opposing troops are destroyed during combat
Incantation of Ascendance will now transform other Incantation of Ascendance
Frost Ring Champion Xarlox will no longer force players to concede when a Broodlord Egg reveals another Broodlord Egg
Double and Triple damage now work correctly when blocking

Horgarth is sometimes missing from the Frost Ring Arena

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Andrew Duncan


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