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House Party Adds More Music in 0.13.3 Update

House Party Adds More Music in 0.13.3 Update

The house party sim that's been banned from Twitch because the main point is to see genitals, House Party, has had another Early Access update, bringing it up to version 0.13.3 in what they are calling the biggest update ever.

The main points are the new partygoer, Leah, who has her own mini storyline, and the fact that you can jump Patrick's bones, alongside most of the women in the house. That's right, there's some LGBTQ in the main game now.

The full list of changes can be found by clicking the link below, but here are some highlights:

  • In the Original Story: added the following Opportunities for Patrick: Patty’s Striking Resemblance, Story Time with Patrick, Genie in a Brahttle, and Cloud of Mystery
  • Added 5 new Audio Tracks
  • Added 6 new Achievements
  • Added new voice acting for all characters
  • Added physics to all characters’ butts
  • Made the upstairs and downstairs guest bathroom toilets usable chair-type objects

House Party is available on Steam in Early Access.

Read the full patch notes
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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