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Humble Unity FPS Games & Game Dev Assets Bundle

Humble Unity FPS Games & Game Dev Assets Bundle

Humble have launched another bundle, and this time it's got a bunch of assets and systems for Unity!

Pay at least £0.72 to get:

  • Footstep and Foley Sounds
  • CITADEL: Desert Environment Pack
  • JU TPS 2 : Third Person Shooter System + Vehicle Physics
  • Shooting Range Interiors

Pay over the average (currently £17.86) to also get:

  • Gun & Explosion Sounds
  • Colossal Game Music Collection
  • GUI PRO Kit - Sci-Fi Survival
  • Sci-Fi Gun Sounds
  • Sci-fi Weapons Arsenal

Pay at least £18.16 to also get:

  • Tannenberg
  • Verdun
  • UFPS: Ultimate FPS
  • Character Movement Fundamentals
  • Highlight Plus
  • Polarith AI Pro | Movement with 3D Sensors
  • Sensor Toolkit
  • Super Multiplayer Shooter Template
  • CScape City System
  • 3D Scifi Kit Vol 3
  • Impact - Physics Interaction System
  • Animated Hands with Weapons Pack
  • Post Apocalyptic World Pack
  • ProTips - Tooltip System
  • RV Smart AI
  • RV Honor Ai

To get this bundle head over to Humble's website before 30th of September.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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