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ID@Xbox 2021 - Death's Door Reveal Trailer

At today’s ID@Xbox there was a trailer for Death’s Door as well as an interview with its developers Acid Nerve who revealed some details about the game.

The game is set in a world where nothing dies naturally and the creatures who stay alive for too long get corrupted and powerful. In this world, it is the crow’s job to reap souls and keep order and the protagonist is one of them. The story follows the protagonist on his latest assignment.

The gameplay is centered around fast-paced, reactive combat with the player able to use a variety of weapons and abilities. There are also light RPG elements allowing the player to customise their playstyle and adjust the difficulty by farming experience and getting stronger. The developers promise a lot of replayability with a variety of possible builds, many secrets and ability to continue playing after the main storyline is concluded. Death’s Door is coming out in Summer 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Steam.



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