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Impact Winter Kickstarter Launched

Impact Winter Kickstarter Launched

Being developed by Mojo Bones, whose credits include a few mobile-only titles and 3DS game Siesta Fiesta, the world of Impact Winter is one covered in many tens of meters worth of snow.

After a meteor struck the Earth, the sun was blotted out. Plantlife died and the snow began - an event known as Impact Winter.

Though it's unclear how main character Jacob Soloman wound up in the area, he has to survive long enough for help to arrive, which will happen in 30 days. To do so, he and four others have holed up in a church, accessible due to its steeple just sticking out of the snow. As the defacto leader of the team, Jacob must ensure the others' needs are seen to, so they don't fall ill or run off with supplies.

impact winter gameplay2

Jacob is accompanied by Ako-Light, a hovering robot that has a light, a heat ray and a series of sensors. It will warn you about storms and attacks on the church from wild animals, but its rechargeable batteries only have a short running time. This means you may have to decide whether you really do need to dig down in one place, or if you should keep it just in case.

Want to get in on Impact Winter? Its Kickstarter is aiming for £95,000 and already has almost £1,000 after only being running for half a day. With pledges from £6 all the way to £500, you can get everything from a copy of the game on the system of your choice, through a Making Of PDF, to your likeness or even your own story mission appearing in the game.

You have until 11th November 2014 to back this game here, with an estimated release of November 2015. If it gets £150,000, it will also appear on Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One!

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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