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Ironcast Gets a Publishing Partner

Ironcast Gets a Publishing Partner

Recently Kickstarted for just over $10,000, Ironcast is an action-match game set in 1800s England. Players must battle other steampunk mecha in their own mech, by matching nodes to divert into either attack or defence.

Indie publisher Ripstone approached Dreadbit, with the intent to give them money. In way of marketing, QA, production and distribution.

They have also boosted the backing amount to hit all of the stretch goals, adding more missions, mechs and a weapon.

As thanks for the partnership, Dreadbit have given the unclaimed £5,000 tier Kickstarter reward of an authentic fully-metal/glass jetpack based on what the Ironcast pilots use in the game.

Ironcast will be released for PC, Mac and Linux early next year.

Ironcast PreAlpha screenshot 4

Ironcast PreAlpha screenshot 3

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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