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Join the Ranks of Veterans with the Deep Rock Galactic Cosmetic DLC Trailer!

Accompanying the release of season five of Deep Rock Galactic, a new set of cosmetic items is coming our way! In the history of the Dwarves, the Order of the Deep is know as a mighty guild of veteran miners. Now you, like generations of greybeards before you, can bear the armor of the Order!

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This epic pack contains an Order of the Deep Armor Framework for all four classes (featuring majestic capes!) and an Order of the Deep Armor Paintjob for all other armour sets if you love to look but don't want a cape. Additionally, you will receive Paintjobs for your weapons and pickaxe. Finally, even Bosco is feeling this set, as a separate Framework (with or without helmet) is available. If that's not your speed, a Paintjob is also available.

The Deep Rock Galactic - Order of the Deep Pack is set to release in June 2024!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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