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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Combat Mechanic Detailed

Warhorse games have released a new developer diary which details the combat system that will feature in their medieval-RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game has become something of an internet darling since it breached the mainstream press and achieved its Kickstarter goal back in January. This trailer is by far the biggest reveal of information yet, with details on combat, large-scale battles, animation techniques and RPG skill-building mechanics.

You can view the trailer above. Deliverance has nine days remaining on its Kickstarter campaign, but has already achieved over double the starting goal at over £700’000. Warhorse are also receiving funding from an outside investor who ordered the Kickstarter campaign to see if the game concept would be popular enough to sell. Safe to say, the investor has been more than satisfied. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is planned for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One although with the game still in development, don’t expect an imminent release.


Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies

Junior Editor

Budding, growing and morphing games journalist from the South. Known nowhere around the world as infamous wrestler Ryan "The Lion" Davies.

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