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Kingdom Come: Deliverance News Update

Kingdom Come: Deliverance News Update

In a blog post titled Back To Work, Creative Director Dan Vávra explains that despite the lack of updates, it is purely because he has been doing the media and university circuit and been bogged down with scripts. There has been tremendous progress since it was successfully Kickstarter'd in 36 hours back in January.

The team have begun scripting out minor quests - it is best to get them sorted before the main quest, so they know what will intersect and where. If you played Fallout 3 and the first person you spoke to in Megaton told you to go straight to the shack your father is in to retrieve something for Moriarty, it would make the main quest line very short. Roughly 100 scripted pages per week are going over Vávra's desk, apparently.

The archery physics have been perfected, including the RPG-related stats related to it. Vávra is confident that firing a bow and arrow works so well, they could put out a fully functional archery simulator! They've included in the current build, though it may not be in the full release, a forest hunting minigame where you can hunt rabbits.

The AI will queue up to go through a door and they will also close doors behind them. So none of Skyrim's whole 'this guard will look at you but not move to let you past until you're the other end of the room'.

KC Deliverance horse2

The horses are being redesigned from the skeleton outwards, as the team didn't like them. And when the player gets off, he will dismount perpendicular to the ground, not with the horse. So if you're on a hill, it will look more natural.

The oddest part is that the team have implemented ground digging physics. Vávra glosses over that with just "the programmers have added digging holes in the ground" before hitting the next part, but it leaves the question - why? Will it mix with the varying weather patterns and give you the ability to become - among the many other options - a farmer? Dig traps to hunting animals - or men? Mine for gold?

He goes on to talk about the company itself. New staff, how they are creating the 3D models and what type of performance capture they are considering. He mentions they are looking into purchasing a studio to do voice acting and motion capture, as it would work out cheaper than renting space in an existing studio.

blog 035 04 700pi

Finally, the first thing in the blog post - you can still pledge to the project. Warhorse have had a word with PayPal and created their own crowdfunding platform. This means they can work towards more stretch goals, having already made over $700,000 since the Kickstarter ended. You can pledge between $5 and $70 using their site, and as with the Kickstarter it gets you various rewards from a physical copy to Early Access and a Collectors Edition.

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