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Kingdom Come: Deliverance To Be Crowdfunded

Kingdom Come: Deliverance To Be Crowdfunded

If you found Dragon Age to be your kind of game - if only there were less elves and magic - then you'd best get over to Kickstarter!

Warhorse Studios is bringing their vision of a historical first-person RPG to the PC and Mac to us in 2015 - so long as they can get the first £300,000 worth of funding from Kickstarter backers.  The rest of the money will come from their unnamed investor - to the tune of £3 million.  The fund is off to a good start, already getting almost ten percent of their three hundred thousand at time of this writing.  They are hopeful that they can bring it to PS4 and Xbox One, but that depends on platform support.

Using the CryEngine, this RPG will see an open-world game set in 1403.  Using century-specific fighting techniques and equipment, you won't be roundhousing people with any glass swords in this game.  It will be released in three Acts, allowing you to play as you will - be a bard and sing to the baker's wife all day, be a fearsome warlord and command an army, be the mighty hero who goes to confront the Big Bad: only to die.

That's the other thing - Warhorse Studios promise that this will not be a One-Man-Army game.  If you choose to ignore the living, breathing world and plough through the storyline, you will need an army to confront an army.

Sick of killing rats in the basement? Or being treated like a messenger, transporting stuff from point A to point B? So are we! That’s why our quests are different. Play as a medieval investigator searching for a mass murderer, lay siege to a bandit fort with an army at your back, experience epic battles between armored knights, interrogate, bribe, threaten, love, help, fight… It’s up to you to decide what to do. There are multiple ways to finish every quest - use your sword, quick fingers, or your wit.

- Warhorse Studios, Kickstarter

So, back this if you can afford to.  It sounds well worth the asking price: £15 for a digital copy of Act I which promises 30 hours of gameplay. 

The team behind the new studio are all veteran's, having worked on titles such as Mafia and Crysis 3.  So they are familiar with the engine as well as covering something close-to historically accurate.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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