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KINGDOM HEARTS Releases on Steam with A Discount to Start Off!

KINGDOM HEARTS Releases on Steam with A Discount to Start Off!

It's finally here — after three long years of waiting, the KINGDOM HEARTS PC ports have made their way to Steam, and players all around the world will be able to experience one of Square Enix's most beloved franchises on their favourite platforms. With no additional accounts to be made and no other necessities, you can start and stop your journey in the warm home of your Steam account. But if you wanted to start your journey — either as a newcomer or a veteran filled with nostalgia — you might want to pick it up, possibly sooner rather than later!

The KINGDOM HEARTS PC ports released in three different packs (and four if you include the INTEGRUM MASTERPIECE that includes all of the games), but more than getting more than one experience per bundle, it released with a 31% discount on Steam for those who wanted to get the early bird price! Essentially, this means that you can enjoy the games while having to pay even less, though it's not particularly clear how much Square Enix will value their title moving forward, especially in the face of upcoming Steam sales.

If you want to get the titles, they are all at a 31% discount until the 11th of July. This means two things: first is that we won't be seeing a unique Summer Sale discount for this title, and two being that it'll be available until after the Summer Sale starts, meaning you can wait to pick it up in case any of the discounts catch your fancy. Though it's unfortunate that we won't be able to get them at an increased discount on the Summer Sale, it's great news that at least prospective buyers will be able to check out what's on offer on the Summer Sale before confidently making their purchase.

Here are the prices of all of the titles alongside their respective discounts:

  • KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX- — £39.99 > £27.59
  • KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue — £49.99 > £34.49
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III + Re Mind (DLC) — £49.99 > £34.49

Though, if you're looking to pick up all of the titles, you might want to do it through the INTEGRUM MASTERPIECE collection that includes all of the bundles for you to get. This collection has its own discount, and it also released to a 31% discount, meaning that you can get it even cheaper, and it'll save you a lot of money on your purchase — don't believe us? Just look at the numbers!


It may seem like a hefty entry pricepoint for the experience, especially considering the oldest game in the collection is 22 years old, but it's worth noting the amount of content you get. You get 11 pieces of content (including shorter titles and movies) for the price of one AAA title, and if you buy it at a discounted price, you save yourself £37.93 from the £96.57 price tag that getting all of the individual bundles at the 31% discount would net you.

Whether you're going to get the games now, wait for the Summer Sale, or wait for a different discount, it's worth noting that KINGDOM HEARTS is out now on Steam, and these discounts will be available until the 11th of July.

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