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“Knives Out” In The New My Time at Sandrock Update Available Now

Good news for fans of the Early Access videogame My Time at Sandrock as Focus Entertainment and Pathea Games have released a new patch, titled Knives Out alongside a trailer. The free update will include new story content containing dungeons, bosses, romance, and wedding features to experience.

Delve deep into a conspiracy that threatens the community of Sandrock after the discovery of a water-syphering plant as a shadowy military invades for nefarious purposes. It’s up to you and the villagers to solve the mystery and repel the aggressors from the land.

Included in “Knives Out”, Pathea Games have made quality of life changes. New dungeon locations now litter the map with more challenges to face, introducing new bosses, loot, and weapons hence the update’s name.

As My Time at Sandrock (sequel to the acclaimed My Time at Portia) is know for its building mechanics, new constructions will be available to players day one with an Auto Assembling Station, a Double Bed for your partner and stronger generators to produce more energy output; as well as a recruitable robot assistant named Magic Mirror.

By popular demand from the fanbase, the new update will introduce the new “wedding” feature, letting you propose to your partner and plan your perfect wedding. Also included are romance related quests for your love interest and the ability to take them out on dates in brand new mini-games.

Finally, known issues have been fixed with an improvement to the NPC behaviour, new holiday Showdown in the High Noon celebrated in the spring, new weather type: rain, new, vivid colours on the Yakmels and Camels mounts, and more additions have been added to the research machines.

My Time at Sandrock is available on Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store.

Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

Staff Writer

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