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Last Oasis Coming to Xbox Platforms

Developer Donkey Crew has announced that its open world survival MMO, Last Oasis, will be coming to Xbox platforms (Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X) in Q1 2021 with full cross-play support with the original PC version.

In addition to full cross-play support—meaning Xbox players can transfer their progress to PC and vice versa—the two versions of the game will also benefit from simultaneous updates. The typical situation of the console version of a PC-first title being outdated and underperforming is not to be the case here.

Last Oasis Xbox Screenshot

Last Oasis takes place on a ravaged, post-apocalyptic future Earth in which the remains of humanity survive in a single, ever-moving habitable region. Beset on both sides by vast, uninhabitable expanses, humanity stays on the move atop giant nomadic walkers and a nomadic city referred to as the Flotilla. Life is tough for the remnants of humanity, filled with travelling, fighting, farming and ruthless bartering. This is the world players must face in Last Oasis. There is no more thriving, only surviving. 

Last Oasis launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X in Q1 2021. It's out now on PC.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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