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Latest Crystal Dynamics Trailer Digs Deeper into Marvel's Avengers

Comic book fans assemble, Crystal Dynamics has released more information about their upcoming game, Marvel’s Avengers.

In the latest trailer we learn that the Avengers have disbanded and it’s up to super-fan Kamala Khan to reunite the team to stop the anti-hero conspiracy conducted by the Advanced Idea Mechanics team (AIM).

To do this Kamala Khan must awaken to her powers as Ms. Marvel and complete the single-player Hero missions, designed to showcase each character’s unique abilities and recruit them to your expanding team.

In Marvel’s Avengers you can also customise your favourite heroes in any number of ways, including numerous costumes from over 80 years of Marvel history, Crystal Dynamics have shown off an RPG-style system with skill trees for you to unlock different abilities and play styles as you progress.

This customisation can be taken online with you, showing off your characters outfits and combat abilities in cooperative Warzone missions that scale in difficulty depending on whether you are on your own or with up to four friends.

The game is stated to continue to be supported for a number of years with free narrative and character updates to fill out the Avengers roster and deliver playable versions of your favourite comic book characters.

Marvel’s Avengers assemble on PlayStation 4 from 15th May 2020.

Adam Hurd

Adam Hurd

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Acelister - 06:33pm, 4th November 2019

The way they pronounce "Inhuman" bugs me. Especially if they don't know that Inhumans are a thing - Bruce straight up calls Ms Marvel a monster by saying "She's inhuman", with the emphasis in the wrong place.