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Latin American Games Showcase 2024: The War in Chiapas

The people of Chiapas, Mexico suffer under the iron fist of an uncaring government with little hope of brighter days and less hope to spare. Or they would, if not for a small group of brave, young, and idealistic people, who have had enough and create an armed movement and, hopefully, a full-blown revolution.

In a fictional tale inspired by a true story, take control of a group of rebels in the mountains and jungles of eighties Chiapas in The War in Chiapas. Convince the locals to join your cause and recruit more allies as your movement grows, but be on the lookout for a rumoured unknown paramilitary group eradicating any rebellious citizens. Outgunned and outclassed, you will have to rely on guerilla tactics and stealth to survive and take back your home!

The War in Chiapas is coming soon to PC.

Summer Game Fest 2024
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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Paco Rodríguez
Paco Rodríguez - 09:38am, 9th June 2024

Thanks a los for this!

Thejakman - 10:34am, 9th June 2024 Author

It's our pleasure! We hope the best for (assumingly) your upcoming title!