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LEGO Targeting the Adult Market with LEGO Friday the 13th

LEGO Targeting the Adult Market with LEGO Friday the 13th

Editor's Note: The astute amongst you will have probably noticed the date on this article already. This April Fools gag was brought to you by GameGrin.com

The LEGO videogame franchise is one of the most lucrative in the industry. With TT Games perfecting the art of translating popular movies into the world of minifigs, studs, and bricks. Whilst LEGO is predominantly aimed at children, there’s a large following from those known as AFOLs (Adult Fan of LEGO). This area of the LEGO market is well served with expensive luxury models to build, many taking weeks to complete; but until now it’s not been provided with any videogames to play.

This is all set to change this summer as the first 18-rated LEGO game is being released, in the form of LEGO Friday the 13th. TT Games has finally accepted that we all like to punch minifigs until their heads come off in the games, so instead of fighting it, the British developer is creating a game that’s all about dismemberment and gore.

John Pieršakrasavicki of TT Games explained the new title to us: “This isn’t the sort of thing that we would normally do, but we wanted to create something for our more mature fans. The packaging and marketing will make it clear that this isn’t a children’s title, with prominent warnings about the violent content and the fact that characters may say rude words like bottom or nipples. We hope that the AFOL community will enjoy this game and if it is a success we may look at other more mature films such as Carry on Emmanuelle and Schindler’s List.”

Gary “Dominoid” Sheppard

Gary “Dominoid” Sheppard

Staff Writer

Gary maintains his belief that the Amstrad CPC is the greatest system ever and patiently awaits the sequel to "Rockstar ate my Hamster"

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