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Lemuria: Lost in Space Reveal Trailer

Bringing its own take on the adventure game genre, Lemuria: Lost in Space is coming soon, and has released a demo to whet your appetites. Rather than being a walking simulator or a general point & click, developer EJR Team has taken the route of implementing survival and RPG elements into it.

The ship Lemuria has returned to the solar system after being missing for 40 years, so you control the robot sent to check it out. With over 100 rooms to explore and plenty of puzzles to solve - as well as enemies to fend off - it looks set to be a wild ride.

You can check out the demo on Steam here, and if you get to the end you can take part in EJR Team's competition:

After finishing the game demo, players will be redirected to survey about the game. The last question is part of the unique contest - players have a chance to share their idea for a hacking puzzle in the game.
We will implement the best idea in the game and it’s author will be rewarded with a Steam key for Lemuria: Lost in Space and will be mentioned in the game credits!

There is no firm release date, but while you wait you can check out the trailer above.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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