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Logitech Launches G413 Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech Launches G413 Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G has continued building upon their ongoing line of mechanical gaming keyboards. The latest addition is the G413, built with exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches on top of a brushed anodized aircraft-grade aluminum top.

High Resolution G413 BOB RGB2

Featuring a modern design, the new G413 also features a USB pass-through and full backlighting for the keys. Available in variants, either red backlighting or white, they may not be RGB, but stylish enough for all your gaming needs.

High Resolution G413 Snow BOB RGB

The Romer-G mechanical switches featured are exclusive to Logitech and are purpose-built for professional performance, built for responsiveness and durability. With presses up to 25% faster than standard mechanical switches, the Romer-G switches allow you to move faster and type faster. On top of this, you’ve also got F1-F12 programmable macro keys.

The Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard is now available from retails for £99.90

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Calum Parry

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