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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Reveal Trailer

Megagon Industries, a studio based in Berlin have revealed their first full game trailer for Lonely Mountains: Downhill. This mountain biking arcade game is on Kickstarter and is looking to raise €35,000.

This arcade-style mountain bike game challenges the player to traverse stylised scenic environments to reach the finish line and set a new time record. With no set path it is up to the player how they tackle this off road adventure. Featuring multiple game modes: Time Trial, Hard Time Trial, Challenge Mode, One Life Left Mode and more to come, Lonely Mountain is set to provide a healthy amount of challenge and replayability.

“Since we built the first prototype of Lonely Mountains: Downhill two years ago we wanted to create a different kind of sports game. A game that is not only about winning a race or a tournament but about you and the mountain”

- Daniel Helbig, co-founder of Megagon Industries

“The last two years were an incredible ride and we can’t wait to take the next step together with all the people who supported and encouraged us to make this Kickstarter campaign.”

- Jan Bubenik, co-founder Megagon Industries .

Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be available on Steam if it reaches its Kickstarter goal of €35,000 by 16th November.

Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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