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Marvel Announces New Mobile Game, Marvel Snap

Marvel announced a new mobile game, Marvel Snap. It is a collectible card game developed by Nuverse and Second Dinner in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment.
The announcement came along with a seven-minute trailer that featured a lot of cinematic cutscenes of Marvel heroes battling Baby Galactus, and it also gave us a first look at the gameplay.

In Marvel Snap, players will compete with the goal of obtaining Cosmic Cubes. The card-based game brings a new way for players to compete for the highest rank by using ‘SNAP’ and raising the stakes of the match. This new ‘SNAP’ mechanic has allowed the developers to create a game that is ‘impossible to master’. The game will launch with 150+ cards of iconic Marvel characters, with more added each season. The developers have also said that all cards are obtainable for free.

Marvel Snap is launching on mobile-first, on both Android and iOS, while a PC version of the game is in the works. The game's release date hasn’t been announced as of yet, but you can go to Marvel Snap’s website to sign up for the limited closed beta on Android devices.

Ibrahim K

Ibrahim K

Staff Writer

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