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Marvel Rivals Announcement Trailer

On the 27th of March, 2024, NetEase Games and Marvel Games announced their latest collaboration: Marvel Rivals, a 6v6 team-based shooter where players take control of one of the various heroes and villians from across the Marvel multiverse and battle it out in destructable arenas.

marvel rivals artwork

Featured in this game are, of course, various characters from Marvel, from well-known characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Loki, and Magneto to more obscure characters such as Luna Snow, a... South Korean idol-turned-cryokenetic hero (she's from 2019). It also has a storyline about a war between Doctor Doom and his 2099 version, entangling characters from various continuies into working together or tear each other apart to defeat both Dooms from taking over all reality.

“We are overjoyed to bring Marvel Rivals to players around the world. We have always loved Marvel’s universe and its characters, and we are so excited to develop this game,” said the Marvel Rivals Producer, Stephen Wu. “This is the game we want to make, and we feel very lucky to be the team who made all of this come true.”

“NetEase Games is excited to collaborate with Marvel Games to deliver a thrilling, fast-paced cooperative gameplay experience featuring all of your favorite Super Heroes,” said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President, NetEase, Inc. “This partnership with Marvel Games continues our commitment to build world-class development teams and reach global audiences with cutting-edge experiences.”

MarvelRivals03262402 fce408669ea64daba72841184a0b3326

Marvel Rivals is planned to have a constantly evolving universe and robust post-launch updates, bringing in new heroes, villains, and maps over time. And only time will tell whether or not that this game will last, or if it will share the fate of various other games before it like LawBreakers, Battleborn, and Rogue Company and die horrifically.

Dylan Pamintuan

Dylan Pamintuan

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