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Metal Gear Survive and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Metal Gear Survive and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Over the next couple of weeks, eight new titles will be joining the Xbox Game Pass service. These titles include:

As per usual for Game Pass, these titles offer a lot of diversity, both in genres and general reception. While the two Banner Saga titles and SUPERHOT were indie darlings that have received large amounts of praise, Metal Gear Survive is almost a total opposite, being a critically panned AAA title. Of course, the list also comprises of some lesser known games as well, such as Full Metal Furies and the recent Void Bastards.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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NikkiChan - 10:36pm, 27th May 2019

Honestly, if you can get some friends to play with Metal Gear Survive isn't to bad.