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Monster Hunter: Iceborne Gameplay Details Revealed

A gameplay trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter: Iceborne expansion has been revealed, along with numerous key details that elaborate on the new feature the expansion will be bringing to the game.

As the name implies, the expansion will take place in a new winter setting named Hoarfrost Reach. Hoarfrost Reach will be larger than any of the individual areas in the base game, with new quests and numerous new monsters to hunt. Two new monsters include the Banboro and Beotodus, as well as fan favourite Nargacuga. A new elder dragon named Velkhana will also be added to the roster of monsters that can be fought, acting as the main focal point of the expansions story.

Iceborne is also bringing a new difficult of quests for seasoned hunters Master Rank, which increases the challenge of new and old monsters alike. Players will be able to tackle this more challenging tier with new attack options, including extra combos for the initial 14 weapons in the base game, and the ability to use the Slinger sub-weapon while a main weapon is drawn.

The Monster Hunter: Iceborne expansion is releasing on 9th September with more details set to be revealed at E3.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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