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Monster Hunter World Behemoth Update Trailer

The Light of Eorzea has guided a new Monster to face in the New World. Coming 8th of August, the Behemoth Update doesn't look like it'll just bring a new Monster to face. In the trailer, a Moogle NPC can be seen with the introduction of a Kulu-Yaku holding a Crystal of Light and weaponises it. Growing into a large, possibly gold crown, variant it looks like there may be a form of quest event progression. Mini Cactuars were spotted in the Wildspire Waste too, and when provoked will do an attack that looks like 1000 Needles. As for the Moogle part, that may be a armour set for your Palico as it does use a horn in the trailer. But, this isn't the same support horn your own Palico can use from the Coral Orchestra, so some clarification will be needed.

Alongside this, new emotes, armour and weapons were shown. The new emote being the Dragoon's trademarked (and possibly cursed to cart) jump. As for the armour and weapon, it closely resembles the Wyrm set. The Dragoon's lance is a Insect Glaive, with the Kinsect being similar to Battle Litany's particle effects from FFXIV, a skill that grants critical boosts to the player and others, fitting for the Kinsect and its ability to support. No other details were given but a CapcomTV live stream is dated for July 15, 4:00 AM BST so let's see what they have in store and if there are any special surprises.

As for Behemoth, it seems they've dragged everything from FFXIV into World. Meteorites and all, its moves seem to be a mix of Odagaron and Zinogre movesets with some new things. In a blink and you'll miss it thing in the trailer is the intact meteorites, which might mean near one hit carts if you take its much larger meteor to the face. 

Monster Hunter is available on PS4 and Xbox One, and is coming to PC in August.

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Owen Chan

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