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More Games Added to Xbox Game Pass June 2024

More Games Added to Xbox Game Pass June 2024

Xbox Game Pass members can look forward to new games already available or arriving in the coming weeks. If you look below, we have the following games that have been given dates and whether they will be for Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass. Don't forget that there will be some that you can play over the cloud.

Available from today

What's New in Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

  • SMITE: Summer Sizzle Pack – Available now (Unlock the gods Danzaburou, The Morrigan, and Fenrir as well as their voice packs and emotes. Plus, unlock a 3-Day Account Booster!)
  • Monster Hunter Now: New Season Bundle – Available now (Claim one Ultra Hunting Ticket, a Paintball, a Potion, a Wander Orb, and a material for crafting Basarios (new monster with the next update!) weapons and armor)

What's Leaving Game Pass?

30 June

5 July

Any games catch your eye in this lineup? Looking forward to checking out some indies? Are you going to miss the games on their way out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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