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MY.GAMES Launches its Own Cloud Gaming Service in Russia

MY.GAMES Launches its Own Cloud Gaming Service in Russia

MY.GAMES has launched the beta of its own cloud-based game streaming service exclusive to Russia, titled 'MY.GAMES Cloud', with publishers like Ubisoft, Riot Games and Funcom confirmed to be on board. Integrated into the company's own MY.GAMES Store, the service aims to compete with the likes of PlayStation Now, Stadia and Amazon's Luna with an "affordable platform for players to access high-quality gaming with low streaming latency".

Although based in Russia, MY.GAMES operates around the world, most known amongst PC and console gamers for publishing the free-to-play shooter Warface alongside Crytek. The company also has a number of other gaming branches, including DonationAlerts, a service that provides tools for game streamers; PVP.GG, a gaming social network for players seeking teammates; and LootDog, an in-game loot marketplace.

As for MY.GAMES Cloud, it will launch in beta exclusively for Russian Windows users, promising a range of AAA games playable through the service including Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs and League of Legends (although it's not clear whether these will be available at launch). In 2021, Mac, iOS, Android and Smart TV versions of the service are expected to follow suit (still in Russia only). Like Stadia, there will be 'free' and 'paid' tiers of membership, with the paid tier entitling players to 4K, 120FPS gameplay and access to AAA games at no additional cost.

The MY.GAMES Cloud service is available now, in Russia, for Windows. 

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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