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New Classic RPG Tower of Time Coming Soon

Tower of Time, a new classic RPG created by self-funded indie studio Event Horizon, should be launching on iOS and PC sometime in Q1 this year.

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The game boasts 20-30 hours of gameplay with a mature voiced-over story, and it looks like a grand old time for fans of the genre. Tower of Time features real-time combat, but there's a slow-mode that drops the pace to a crawl to let you make tactical decisions. And with seven unique classes, there should be plenty of decisions to make. There's also a neat progression system that ditches experience entirely, quests to complete and puzzles to solve, lots of random loot to collect, and a diverse crafting system.

tt 1

Pricing information and a solid release date haven't been announced yet, but keep an eye out for updates in the near future.

Andy Chassé

Andy Chassé

Mobile Editor

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