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New Conan Game: Conan Unconquered

Fans of the Conan book, comic, and film series have a new game to get excited about: Conan Unconquered. Coming to us from Funcom, this title will be a real-time strategy game this go around. It will also include online co-op so you can strategize in a two-player format and conquer the unconquered with your best (and maybe most strategic) friend!

This title comes from veterans of Star Wars: Empire at War and Command & Conquer fame. Funcom and Petroglyph have worked together to make a game that they all want to play. Players will have to face off against hordes of enemies coming wave after wave, and will have to find a way to survive as the enemies increase in number and difficulty. Build your stronghold, strengthen your walls, boost your defenses in order to survive and avoid destruction. Conan Unconquered will be single-player as well as including two player co-op where you will be able to share a stronghold to fend off incoming invaders. Funcom and Petroglyph consider this co-op feature one that will give the game a unique experience.

Get ready to join Conan's world again in this adventure of strategy and skill. Are you strong enough to withhold against the hordes and build your empire? Get ready to find out when Conan Unconquered releases the 30th of May! This title will be available on PC and is up for pre-order now!



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