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New Disney Dreamlight Valley Survey

New Disney Dreamlight Valley Survey

With the release of the newest Star Path, Majesty and Magnolia — which you can read about here! — Gameloft sent out a survey to ask their community how they feel about Disney Dreamlight Valley and what they'd like to see in the future! This includes what franchises are most and least important from a list of options, what clothing categories are in need of new items, and even what characters they're most and least excited to see in future updates!

If you'd like to participate, you might have received a link via email, and if not, you can simply click on this link! The survey is hosted on Monkey Survey, and isn't too long. Keep an eye out for more information on Disney Dreamlight Valley, as we're always keeping our eyes peeled to keep everyone up-to-date! Recently, we wrote about the latest character bundle available (themed around Lilo & Stitch), the Pride Month items for this year, and even the event celebrating Inside Out 2's release!

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Violet Plata

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