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New Humble Bundle: Strategy Mobile Games

New Humble Bundle: Strategy Mobile Games

Strategy fans looking for mobile games, rejoice. The newest Humble Bundle includes nine strategy mobile games for your perusal and hopefully purchase.

The games included are:

  • $1 or more
    • Epic War TD 2
    • MechCom 1 + 2
    • Age of Civilizations
    • Battle for the Galaxy
  • Average (currently $3 or more)
    • Anomaly Defenders + Anomaly 2
    • Kingdom Rush Frontiers + Origins
    • Hero Generations
  • $5 or more
    • Guild of Dungeoneering
    • Worms 4

As always, Humble Bundle purchases can be directed to charity, so do your part and pick up some nice games in the process. GameGrin cares.

Marcello Perricone

Marcello Perricone

Staff Writer

Passionate, handsome, and just a tiny bit cocky, our resident Time Lord loves history, science, and all things that fall from the sky.

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