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New Nioh 2 Key Art Revealed and Playable Demo Will Be at TGS

New Nioh 2 Key Art Revealed and Playable Demo Will Be at TGS

A new post on PlayStation Blog has revealed extra details about Team Ninja’s upcoming action game Nioh 2, including some key art and information about a playable Tokyo Game Show demo.

Creative director Tom Lee starts off the blog post with some information about the key art, stating: “As you may have been able to detect from the visual, our central character is a half-breed. He is part human as well as possessing the extraordinary power of the Yokai. As a samurai warrior, his journey takes us through the treacherous Sengoku period of Japan. And his transformation from human to fiend will take him deep into the Dark Realm of the Yokai.”

He continues; “I promise you that this metamorphosis will be spectacular and result in some truly intense action.” Nioh made a name for itself from its challenging and fluid combat system, so it seems that Team Ninja will be doubling down on that aspect with this new transformation.

A new demo will also be playable during the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from 12th September until 15th September. There are unfortunately no concrete details about the demo at the moment, however, Lee promises that more information will be coming soon.

Nioh 2 is currently slated for a 2019 release, with PlayStation 4 being the only platform that’s been confirmed.

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Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

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