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New Year, New Humble Bundle

New Year, New Humble Bundle

This weeks Humble Bundle features Six spellbinding puzzlers. Pay what you want for point-and-click adventure games, Machinarium and Samorost 2, the photoreal puzzler, Lume, and brain-tickling puzzler, Windosill.

If you pay $6 or more, you'll also receive the storybook platformer, Botanicula with digital artbook and maps, and the compelling outdoor-adventure game, Shelter with the storybook adaptation, The Circle!

As always the money you give is split however you decide between the developers, Humble Bundle and the weeks chosen causes. The charities benefiting from this weeks Humble Bundle are the Child's Play Charity and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Helen Ashcroft

Helen Ashcroft

News Specialist

Writer of randomness and maker of films Helen AKA Jetgirl lives with her hubby and 3 kids who support her gaming habit.

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