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Nintendo Has Announced Nintendo Labo (Updated)

Nintendo have unveiled a new range of "build-and-play experiences" in the form of Nintendo Labo, a cardboard based product. 

The idea is that you take the flat sheets of cardboard and construct a toy from it to then be used with the Nintendo Switch and it's Joy-Con controllers. From here a player is then able to enjoy a range of mini-games in ranging from a motorbike, piano, fishing rod, RC car and even a robot. You can see the product in action in the above trailer. 

Nintendo Labo will be releasing on 27trh April, 2018.

Update: The pre-orders for Nintendo Labo have gone up since the reveal and pricing is now confirmed. The Variety Kit, which includes a number of mini games will cost £59.99 with the Robot Kit costing £69.99. Both of these packs include the required software as well. 

An additional Customization Set which includes sicks, stencils and tape is available for £8.99. At this point it is unclear how much the software will be on it's own and when, if at all, the templates will available to download. 

It is also worth noting that a number of the expereinces shown in the trailer are not currently avaiable to pre-order. This includes the camera, gun and the bird. 

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Acelister - 08:25am, 18th January 2018

Guarentee an above £40 price point.

NikkiChan - 10:38pm, 18th January 2018 Author

The post has been updated to include pricing information.