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No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Update

No Man’s Sky, Hello Games expansive space adventure full of promises, is progressive getting closer to how the public original envisioned. Hype may have killed the game and with the controversy surrounding due to the lack of content Hello Games, have pushed onwards a year later have brought a slew of updates and version 1.3 is their biggest so far.

Previously to entice player return, they released patches 1.1 (Foundation update) and 1.2 (Pathfinder update) both offering players the abilities to construct their own foundations and traverse planets with a new land vehicle.

Marking the one year anniversary of No Man's Sky, the team at Hello Games are continuing their journey with Atlas Rises, there is plenty of new content arriving to the galaxies of No Man’s Sky and these include overhauls to not only the storyline but to exploration, trading and missions.

As detailed in the trailer above, Atlas Rises introduced a new refined storyline that brings in a new inter-dimensional race, new context, a quest system, and a branching narrative adding 30 hours of new content. Many other improvements are introduced to streamline the interaction between races, navigation of planets; with improvements to wealth and economy. The Galaxy Map has also been overhauled to provide access to key information and navigation for discovered planets.

Alongside visual improves to planets, characters and interface. No Man’s Sky is progressively becoming the game it should have been, but is too little too late?

Check out the Atlas Rises trailer above for an in-depth look. You can also visit No Man’s Sky page for further details.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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