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Noble Fates Early Access Release Date Announced

A team of veteran game developers have announced a brand new title, Noble Fates, a 3D fantasy kingdom management, built around the idea of a rich simulation of opinions and memories.

Noble Fates is deeply inspired by the depth and fun of Rimworld and the violence and morality of Game of Thrones. Players will be tasked to build a kingdom worthy of everlasting recognition. The tale begins when several outcasts from a nearby kingdom stumble upon a crown. Once the player has chosen a ruler, it will be up to them to decide what to do with any who oppose them.

NPCs in the game will form diverse opinions and long-term memories with each of the interactions that has impacted them the most. Have you been a kind or brutal ruler? All of your subjects will remember each of your decisions, and they'll talk, and react to it. Bask in adoration of your subjects, or suffer the consequences of ruling as a tyrant.

Take the story from either a top-down perspective or third person to live out all of your medieval fantasies. Take a stroll through the forest, or ambush your adversaries in battle. The choice is yours to make. And, if your current ruler falls, the story will continue for as long as there is someone left to wear the crown. 

Once you've lived every fantastical tale, travelled each magical road, the fun doesn't stop there, because Noble Fates is built for deep mod support, with Steam Workshop support coming soon.

Noble Fates will debut on Steam Early Access on the 14th of December.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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