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Nutaku Comes Out as LGBTQ+

Nutaku Comes Out as LGBTQ+

Nutaku have unveiled the latest free-to-play browser games to join their website, as well as setting up some new categories for their existing premium titles. That's right, as you read in the title Nutaku now has Lesbian, Gay and Transgender categories on their website.

You can check them out here, and there are two F2P gay games, with a couple more already on their way. The new additions are Gay Harem and Men Bang, which are queer versions of the straight games Harem Heroes and Fake Lay respectively.

The adult games currently available to the LGBTQ+ community are low quality, so we saw an opportunity to improve the current content available to 18+ gamers. We’ve been working to make our platform more inclusive, and this release is the first major step towards that goal. We are excited to collaborate with Men.com to bring Men Bang to life. The game boasts vibrant artwork and high-quality gameplay. Something that can be enjoyed by the Men.com community, and gaymers alike.

-Ben Faccio, Product Manager, Nutaku

If you just want straight sex, then you can of course just go to the main store page for those games, but if you're looking for something more tailored towards your sexuality, then Nutaku has certainly taken steps towards seeing to that.

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Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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Sikopathic - 12:09pm, 8th December 2018

minorly disappointed they weren't called 'Gaymes'

Acelister - 02:54pm, 8th December 2018 Author

To be fair, in the press release they were.

Rasher - 03:09pm, 10th December 2018