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Nutaku Opens New Site to Connect Developers for 18+ Projects

Nutaku Opens New Site to Connect Developers for 18+ Projects

The folks behind Nutaku launched Kimochi Red Light at the start of the year, to crowdfund games for the over-18 crowd. Well, now they've launched a new website to connect people who want to work in 18+ games together!

Called Kimochi Classifieds, it's an entirely free service dedicated to building the adult gaming industry. You can join now and post up a job, or if you're a freelancer you can check out the ones posted up already.

The Kimochi Classifieds platform is our way of solving and bridging a huge gap in the game development market. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the demand for mature gaming explode but have been limited by the availability and funding of developers creating this popular content in North America. Our hope here is to continue our work in bringing more incentives for gaming studios and developers to create mature content, to act as a catalyst for the gaming industry and community, and give our growing audience the gaming experiences they seek.

-Mark Antoon, President, Nutaku

With more and more 18+ developers heading to Patreon, it's understandable that they might want a place to find help. Payment is arranged between the job poster and the freelancer, so Kimochi is literally just connecting people, at least at this point. It's unknown whether they will change

You can find Kimochi Classifieds here.

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Andrew Duncan


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