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Nutaku Spreads Itself to its own Desktop Client

Nutaku Spreads Itself to its own Desktop Client

In the newest development from their partnership with Kimochi, 18+ game seller and website Nutaku have launched their own desktop client.

With over 20 million registered gamers, Nutaku seeks to grow its clientele through an experience they can control, rather than trusting it to whichever web browser the user has installed at the time. Through the client people can see both the free-to-play and downloadable games, see which games they already own and install/launch them, provide feedback, purchase Nutaku Gold, and of course, actually play the free-to-play titles.

We’re elated to announce the optimized client, catered towards our platform and our users’ needs. This opens the door for us into providing more options for our community, and to expose our players to higher quality titles. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline including something for mobile and console gamers as we prepare for the global launch of the client.

– Julie Hall, Communications Manager

During the beta phase, players are encouraged to check out the client and give feedback to help improve the user experience before releasing the final product. You can download the client here: https://www.nutaku.net/promo/desktop-app-download/

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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Rasher - 01:06pm, 17th November 2018

I see what you did there!!!

Acelister - 01:09pm, 17th November 2018 Author

I don't know what you mean.