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NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Out of Beta and Available for Free

NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Out of Beta and Available for Free

GeForce NOW, Nvidia's cloud-based game streaming service is available now on PC, Mac, SHIELD TV and Android devices. As of early 2018, the service was available to select players in beta form; now, anyone with an Nvidia account and compatible device can try out the service.

By handling the bulk of the processing remotely from the cloud, GeForce NOW aims to get games running smoothly on hardware that wouldn't previously have stood a chance at handling so much as the title screen. It also connects to existing game services and will grant players access to "hundreds" of titles in the GeForce NOW library if they already own them elsewhere.

Unlike GeForce Now's major competitor, Google Stadia, the service requires no initial investment. There are two tiers of membership right now: 'Free' (at £0 per month) and 'Founders' (at £4.99 per month). The free tier restrict play sessions to one hour intervals, although there are no limits to the number of session someone can claim; the paid tier extends this hour limit (to an unspecified amount) while offering RTX (Ray Tracing) technology and priority access to the GeForce NOW servers.

This £4.99 monthly price, while cheap, is only an introductory price. Players who sign up in this opening window won't pay for the first 90 days, then they'll be charged £4.99 per month for the rest of 2020. After that the price will presumably rise, although Nvidia has not communicated how much the increase will be.

Nvidia GeForce NOW is available for free (or £4.99 per month) on PC, Mac, SHIELD TV and Android; support for Chromebook is planned for later this year. 

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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