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Persona 5 Royal is Almost Here, Find Out What's New in This Version

Persona 5 Royal is almost here: on the 31st March players will be revisiting the streets of Tokyo and stealing hearts with their band of Phantom Thieves. What differentiates this release from the plain old Persona 5 though? It's on the same platform after all, is it worth a purchase for you? Read on for the highlights of Royal:

  • Kasumi, a new party member has been added.
  • The story has been expanded with a whole new semester (complete with an additional Palace).
  • A bonus content 'Museum' in the form of the 'Thieves Den'.
  • Brand new cutscenes.
  • Kichijoji, a massive, all-new explorable locations has been created with its own sights and activities.
  • Two new fully fleshed-out confidants, with existing confidants receiving additional social scenes.
  • New in-game events and holidays.
  • New Personas, weapons, enemies, armour and items.
  • Two more potential endings.
  • Roughly 30 more music tracks.

On top of this, countless gameplay changes and tweaks are set to improve the Persona 5 experience in Royal. It's clear that this is more than a re-release: real effort has been put into overhauling the entire experience.

Check out the latest trailer above. Persona 5 Royal releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 on 31st March.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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