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Persona 5 Royal Releases in the West in March 2020

The enhanced version of hit RPG Persona 5 titled Persona 5 Royal finally has a Western release date, and it’s coming overseas during March of next year. Announcement comes by way of a release date trailer that highlights some of the changes that will be featured in this version of the game.

A lot of this information was already known prior to this trailer, such as the additional party member Kasumi, and the new explorable area Kichijoji, with the only new reveal being the collector’s Phantom Thieves edition of the game. This version includes a steelbook (which can also be obtained by pre-ordering the standard edition), the soundtrack, a collector’s box, a dynamic PS4 theme, artbook and Joker’s Phantom Thief Mask with a stand.

The pricing for the Phantom Thieves edition comes in at £79.99, with the regular edition with a steelbook case coming at £49.99 when it's released on the 31st March 2020.

Francis Kenna

Francis Kenna

Staff Writer

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