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Playstation 3 Box Art Changing

Playstation 3 Box Art Changing

More of an update than the previous change was, but still a change worth warning your game-buying grandparents about for Christmas!

When Sony released the box art for the upcoming Deception IV: Blood Ties, they inadvertently revealed the fact they are updating the designs for the line - replacing the black bar for a blue one.




















This brings it in to line with the PS4 and PS Vita designs, creating synergy - and confusion amongst non-gamers who don't understand that PS3 and PS4 are different consoles.  With the PS Vita it is at least in a smaller case in another shelf section, rather than right next to it as is often the case with PS3 and PS4.

For those unaware what the cases currently look like as you buy solely over the PSN:

Classics HD The Ratchet Clank Trilogy PS3 3













The case design used to be markedly different of course, with the console name down the left side, as shown below.

Ratchet Clank Future Tools of Destruction PS3 2













Finally, again for those unaware, the current PS Vita and PS4 cases:

inFAMOUS Second Son PS4 254529 ratchet clank size matters full2

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