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PlayStation Showcase: The Plucky Squire

Once upon a time, there was a plucky squire named Jot. In search of adventure, he set out on a heroic adventure against the nefarious Humgrump. Destined to lose, the malevolent villain decides to alter the story instead and pushes the plucky squire into a three-dimensional world to rewrite his story and compose a happy ending… Or his, at least.

The Plucky Squire appeared once again in the PlayStation Showcase 2023, gracing us with its story! We learned more about Jot, his friends — Violet, Thrash, and the ever-adorable Pip — as they venture across the world of Mojo to defeat the evil Humgrump and face him in realms a little more… dimensional.! This gameplay trailer shows off a lot more of the realm-hopping gameplay, with 3D and 2D gameplay that we can't wait to see more about.

The Plucky Squire Story Trailer Image 2023

Jump out of the page and into adventure when The Plucky Squire releases sometime in 2023!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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