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PlayStation VR Successor: Sony Confirms a "Next-Generation VR System"

PlayStation VR Successor: Sony Confirms a "Next-Generation VR System"

Sony is making another attempt at VR, the company confirmed today via the PlayStation Blog. Before you rush to pre-order, though, you should know that the next PlayStation VR (which currently has no official name) is still in development and won't be releasing this year.

In the blog post, Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President Hideaki Nishino did reveal some details as to what the players could expect from Sony's next-generation VR headset:

  • It will be compatible with the PlayStation 5.
  • It will feature a brand-new controller, incorporating features of the PlayStation 5's DualSense and placing a "focus on great ergonomics".
  • Enhanced resolution in comparison to the original PSVR.
  • Improved field of view.
  • More accurate motion tracking and player input.
  • It will connect to the PlayStation 5 via a single cord.

Additionally, Nishina hints that the VR platform is being developed with future-proofing in mind. It seems Sony is placing bets on VR's continuing growth as we enter this new console generation.

Expect more news regarding the next-generation PlayStation VR as the year continues.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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